Why You Should Hire a Bartender for Your Family Reunion

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When you are planning a family reunion, one of the things you look forward to is seeing family members whom you haven’t seen in years. You want to be able to spend your time getting reacquainted and learning what has been going on in their lives. You also want them to have the same experience. If you have to deal with serving drinks or having your guests prepare their own, that takes away from time you all could be enjoying yourselves. Hiring a bartender for your family reunion is the solution to this challenge and provides other benefits, as well.

Why You Should Hire a Bartender for Your Family Reunion

A hired bartender can be a valuable resource for knowing what to purchase to keep your family happy. They can guide you on which alcoholic beverages and other ingredients to have on hand to make everyone’s favorite cocktails. A bartender at the family reunion can also help guests learn about new drinks they haven’t had before, which adds an element of enjoyment to the party.

A family reunion often includes adults, children, and those who might look like adults but are not of legal age to drink alcoholic beverages. A bartender will ask for IDs to ensure there isn’t any underage drinking going on. The bartender also obtains any necessary permits and carries general liability insurance and liquor liability coverage so you can just focus on having fun instead of worrying about liability.

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