Reduce Liability at Corporate Events with a Bartending Service

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There are many companies out there that have a strict no-alcohol policy for all corporate events and gatherings. Often the reason for that is a concern about potential liability to the company should something go wrong. The good news is that if you have no other reason for not serving alcohol to your employees, you can reduce liability at corporate events by using a professional bartending service.

Reduce Liability at Corporate Events with a Bartending Service

Professional bartending services obtain any necessary permits, and they are covered with general and liquor liability coverage. They are also certified and trained on how to properly check IDs to avoid underage drinking. Since a bartender is serving drinks, instead of your employees serving themselves, overdrinking is avoided, which reduces problems and controls the beverage costs at your corporate events. The best way to eliminate problems is to prevent them in the first place.

With professional bartending services for your corporate events, you can rest assured that your employees will have a great time and be happier about being in your employ. Instead of trying to skip out on corporate events, they’ll look forward to them. Higher attendance ensures you successfully disseminate any information you wanted to at the event.

At Bubbles N Booze, LLC, we offer bartending services for all types of corporate events in the Wilmington, North Carolina area. We can also travel outside the area, if desired, for an appropriate travel fee. We are fully insured for your protection, and we are happy to help you develop a list of beverages you should purchase and have ready at the corporate events. Contact us today to learn more or to reserve a date.