Kick Up Your Summer Holiday Parties with a Private Bartender

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As winter ends its icy grip, it isn’t uncommon to start thinking about summer holiday parties. Whether it is a 4th of July celebration, Easter gathering, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day party, summer birthday party, wedding, or something else, you and your guests will have a wonderful time when you hire a private bartender to take care of the beverages.

Kick Up Your Summer Holiday Parties with a Private Bartender

It’s common to think of using a bartender for large events like weddings, but it can be just as beneficial to use one for more intimate gatherings such as holiday parties with family and friends. Any holiday throughout the year is a good excuse to get together, and you’ll all enjoy yourself more if you kick up the party with a private bartender. One benefit is that you can focus on socializing instead of making cocktails. Another is that a master mixologist can surprise your guests with new cocktails they haven’t had before. Some of your holiday parties could even turn into a mixology party!

There are many cocktails that are perfect for summer because they are so refreshing. Even if you and your guests aren’t interested in alcoholic mixology, your private bartender can do an amazing job with non-alcoholic drinks too! Everyone at your gathering can have fun experimenting with different flavors to get colorful and tasty drinks that will have them remembering your party for months or even years to come.

If you are thinking about holiday parties any time of the year, reach out to us at Bubbles N Booze, LLC to learn more about our bartending service. We serve the Wilmington, North Carolina area, and we are willing to travel outside the area for an additional fee. Contact us today to learn more about what makes us your best choice for all your holiday parties.