Kick Up the Fun with a Bachelor/Bachelorette Bartender

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Those last few days leading up to a wedding are often quite hectic. If you are in charge of the bachelor or bachelorette party, you know you want to make it memorable, but you don’t want to drive yourself crazy doing it since you already have other things on your plate. One way you can really kick up the fun while having enough energy left to enjoy the party yourself is by hiring a bachelor/bachelorette bartender.

Kick Up the Fun with a Bachelor/Bachelorette Bartender

Let’s face it– you want to enjoy the party yourself, too! Letting someone else take care of making sure everyone has their favorite beverages allows you to do exactly that. A bachelor/bachelorette bartender handles the alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixology, so everyone, including you, gets to experiment and enjoy amazing cocktails.

Another reason to hire a bachelor/bachelorette bartender is to have guidance in the selection of beverages to have on hand. You can save money by not buying more than is needed or liquors that aren’t really needed. You’ll also be able to transfer any liability over to the bartending service, as they’ll carry the appropriate general and liquor liability coverage and obtain any necessary permits.

If you are in charge of a bachelor or bachelorette party to take place in the Wilmington, North Carolina area and would like to hire a bachelor/bachelorette bartender, reach out to us at Bubbles N Booze, LLC. Just let us know the date a couple of months in advance so we can obtain a permit and work with you to come up with a beverage list. We can also travel outside the Wilmington area for an additional fee. Contact us today to learn more.